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Our CAD suite of programs, ranges from initial design through to final vessel construction, and can link with third party software to incorporate piping and electrical layouts.

Autoship is our hull design/surface modelling program which combines the graphics user of Windows with the dexterity of NURBS mathematics, the high-end CAD standard for surface modelling. Autoship is available in 3 versions – Pro, Standard or Yacht.

AutoHydro is our complete naval architectural calculation program, which allows the user to define any vessel type or floating structure, using the companion program ModelMaker (supplied with AutoHydro) and then to perform naval architectural calculations on the model, such as hydrostatics, cross curves of stability, tank capacities, intact stability, damage stability using deterministic or probabilistic methods and so on.

AutoPower is our powering and resistance prediction program, which uses 12 common algorithms suitable for displacement, semi-displacement and planing vessels.

AutoStructure Suite is our production suite which includes the AutoStructure program for modelling the vessel structure, and thereafter outputting CAD drawings, nesting details and other production support through Production manager.

AutoStructure can interface with third party software to include piping and electrical interfacing. AutoPlate is our plate development and expansion program, which can be used for expansion of developable and non-developable plates.

Esti-Mate is third party software that organises costs and weights through a work breakdown structure, that can be cross related to construction segments such as hull, piping, equipment, electrical, paint and more.

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